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Memphis Tennessee

This is our flagship operation, and for good reason! Memphis sits at the epicenter of a transportation network that spans the entire country, making it one of the most vibrant cities in America. It’s the largest city in Tennessee, with the Global Fedex Headquarters, Memphis International Airport, St Jude’s Hospital, and Autozone serving as major players in providing jobs. The Rent to Price Ratio alone makes it one of the top cities for Real Estate investors in the nation (it consistently ranks in the top five for best cities to invest in long term rentals). Favorable landlord/tenant laws mean that Property Management companies are able to be much more proactive and efficient with ensuring good tenants are placed and the rent is paid on time. The main reason WFI loves Memphis is because there are a ton of deals in the Path of Progress that provide stable cashflow, appreciation potential, minimal headaches, and an incredible resilience to market corrections

Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock is like the kid brother to Memphis in a lot of ways. Most of the Macro and Micro metrics we use to determine the best rental property opportunities are very similar between the two cities. Rent to Price Ratio is awesome, employment opportunities are diverse and growing (Dillard’s, Sam’s Club, JB Hunt Transport Services, ArcBest, Windstream, Beverly Enterprises, Inc., Murphy USA and the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences to name a few) and the Real Estate market is very stable, which is what long term investors want. WFI is branching off more into the smaller multi-family rentals in LR because we are finding some great opportunities there, so once you get ready to start trading up into 2 to 20 unit apartments you can check out some of the deals we’ve got here. Little Rock is a fantastic place to diversify your portfolio and dip your toes into the multi-family waters on your march toward Financial Freedom!

Property Profile Deal
Property Profile Deal

St. Louis Missouri

This city is another one that consistently pops up on the hottest investor markets in the nation, and for good reason! The job market is incredibly strong, with the 2.9% unemployment rate well below the national average, and a Rent to Price Ratio that offers amazing cashflow deals for long term investors. Just like Memphis and Little Rock there are some high crime areas that you want to avoid, but the trick is to buy in the B and C class neighborhoods that are in the Path of Progress, then you just collect the cashflow while your property appreciates as the city grows up around it. Some of our best cashflow deals come from St Louis and we are rapidly expanding how much inventory we have here. This is one of our most exciting markets!

Chicago Illinois

This is a unique one. Chicago itself has great potential for buying cashflow properties, but we don’t have an extensive presence here. The reason we are buying is because we’ve run into a special opportunity to provide housing for homeless veterans, and make some cashflow in the process! There is a program called HUD/VASH that allows for qualified tenants to be paired with qualified landlords to provide housing and assistance for homeless vets to get back on their feet. While we don’t have as much inventory here for obvious reasons, every deal we do is incredibly rewarding, not to mention offering the highest cashflow numbers of any of our markets!

Property Profile Deal
Property Profile Deal

Milan Tennessee

What a special place, and what a unique opportunity. Milan is a small town of about 10,000 people just northeast of Memphis. It does not have the same market characteristics as a big city like Memphis, but presents its own set of benefits as an incredibly stable and predictable area that is largely shielded from the national market (when the world was jumping off a cliff in 2008, Milan barely noticed). More importantly, the infrastructure and relationships WFI has developed in this town have resulted in dozens of outstanding deals, from smaller single family homes to fourplexes that are just chugging cashflow! As our presence in Milan grows, we are looking to take down entire neighborhoods and even commercial opportunities, because with each new deal we do our ability to negotiate better terms grows as well

Columbus Georgia

The second largest city in Georgia and located on the Chattahoochee river, Columbus has evolved from a dominant manufacturing town to a diverse economy with influences from the US Government, large global companies, and small businesses. Oh, and it just happens to be right next to Fort Benning. You know, the Army base that supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees on a daily basis? That one. The strategic growth of Columbus through the Columbus 2025 initiative brings together public, profit and non-profit leaders across the community to intentionally grow and improve the quality of life and business within Columbus. We have seen recent and continued success here as the downtown has become an economic small business hub with lower crime rates and more housing

Property Profile Deal
Property Profile Deal

Olive Branch Mississippi

Situated right on the Mississippi state line, the city of Olive Branch offers an easy escape from neighboring Memphis, with a high quality of life, a historic small-town atmosphere, and an excellent market to invest within! The population is exploding like a M67 grenade, rising from 3,567 in 1990 to 37,500 today and their residents love Olive Branch for its good schools, safe streets, and family-friendly activities, not to mention its affordability—the median home price is $185,092, and annual property taxes average is just $956 a year making Olive Branch one of our most exciting markets to invest in!


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